Sara and Gideon

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Our Story

When Sara and Gideon matched on a dating app, they quickly hit it off with a series of pun-filled exchanges before Sara sent Gideon her number and told him she was going to immediately delete the app, board a plane to Hawaii, and nonchalantly asked him to just try to reach out to her sometime after she returned. The whiplash didn’t scare Gideon away (I wonder who is narrating this…) and just a few weeks later, we scheduled our first date on a cold Thursday evening in January.

Our first date began in Hampden, a neighborhood in northern Baltimore where Gideon was living at the time. However, the evening quickly became an impromptu tour of Hampden’s finest as we moved from Nepenthe (pronounced by us as Nah-Penth) to De Kleine Duivel, and then finally to Blue Pit BBQ. We covered a lot of ground that evening, talking about Neanderthals and prehistoric archaeology, Sara’s conflict(s) with dairy, the historic stone houses located closer to the Jones Falls river, and the far off places we both loved.

Over the coming weeks we’d go back and forth between Hampden and Butcher’s Hill, seeing Baltimore through each other's eyes. Weekly dinner dates at our favorite spots quickly became whole weekends together hanging with our friends, cooking, and learning more about each other before having to part ways on Sunday afternoons. And then, in March 2020, on the eve of the world shutting down in the face of Covid-19, we spoke the words “I love you” to one another for the first time. A lot happened over the next six months as we entered into our very own pandemic bubble, adopted our charming and cuddly cat-boy Louie, moved in together, and began meeting each other's families. During Labor Day 2020, we took our first extended road trip to Brevard and discovered that we travel well together, in part thanks to Sara’s not-so hidden talent as a world-class Wikipedia orator and storyteller. We’d go on to travel to the mountains of North Carolina again, visit Bottom County in Southern Maryland, stay in Yurts in Vermont, raft down the Grand Canyon, and, more recently, a two-week jaunt to France, Switzerland, and Germany. Needless to say, it didn’t take very long for the two of us to realize that spending time together was easy and made even the most mundane aspects of our lives more enjoyable.

So in short, we met right before the pandemic, entered into a pressure-cooker situation where coincidentally enough we ended up using our Instant Pot to cook some incredibly delicious meals, fell in love, and are so very excited to celebrate our love with all of our family and friends.